Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Baler - An Up and Coming Holiday Destination not far from Manila

Baler is the capital of a province known as Aurora. 

The infamous Siege of Baler took place when the Spaniards ended their occupation and sold the Philippines to America. A renegade group of Spanish soldiers decided they didn't want to go and occupied the Church of Baler for almost a year before finally giving up. This was the last Spanish stronghold in the Philippines.

Today, between September and March, Baler is known as a surfer’s paradise with surf shops and training that caters to novices and seasoned surfers alike.

Other top things to do in Baler…

Wind Surf, Snorkel and Dive!

Wind-surfing is good between March and June. With a lengthy coastline, it's easy to find somewhere to snorkel. Divers should head off to Borlongan Beach to discover the mushroom-shaped coral.

See an amazing tree!

Baler has the largest Balete tree in Asia - at around 600 years old. Locals say it takes sixty men to encircle the trunk.

Explore the coastline

Aurora has extraordinary bay formations.  Dibut Bay in San Luis is a just a short boat trip away. This fabulous island has cliffs, beaches and rock formations.

Learn about the town’s history

Visit the rest home of the President Manuel L. Quezon and learn about the “Siege of Baler” at Baler Catholic Church.

Getting to Baler…

You can take  a luxury bus from Manila, or it's a short hop flying with Skyjet Airlines.