Thursday, 16 April 2015

Trekking Mt Bulusan Volcano, in Sorsogon, Philippines

Bulusan Volcano is a volcano in the most southerly part of Luzon, in Sorsogon. It is close to one of the Philippines most well known volcanoes, Mt Mayon, famed for it's perfectly symmetrical shape. Both volcanoes are still quite active.

Set in a verdant natural rainforest, where you'll encounter a variety of different plants, birds, and wildlife, Bulusan offers a number of trekking opportunities, over, 5, 4, or 3 days, or you can opt to simply stay overnight.

During a trek of Mt Bulusan, your local guide will forage for edible mushrooms, plants, fruits & berries, which may form ingredients for one of your meals.

You could well be invited to plant a tree, as the local government is re-foresting some areas, which are now protected, being a national park. (In the past there was a lot of illegal logging on Bulusan's slopes). Today, the Bulusan rainforest is fast becoming an attractive and diverse eco-system, well worth exploring.

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