Friday, 11 February 2011

Philippines Football Comes to the Attention of the BBC!

For the first time in its international coverage, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sent a radio and TV correspondent to cover a Philippine football game – the Philippine Azkals-Mongolia AFC Challenge Cup qualifying match, which the Filipinos won, 2-0, Wednesday night before an electric banner crowd.
Kate McGeon, the BBC’s Manila correspondent, said the coverage wasn’t really for the match itself since it was just a qualifier but it was for the hype and the passion the Filipinos now have for football, which she said can be credited to the impressive victories of the Philippine Azkals.
“I’m here because it’s really interesting that football is taking off in this country. If you think of the Philippines, you think about basketball not football,” McGeon said in an interview shortly after the match at the Panaad Stadium here.