Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Looking to Visit the Philippines, but Wishing to Avoid Manila?

Do you want to explore the Philippines, but avoid Manila?

Manila is vast, and many places of interest, but it also has a lot of traffic, and sometimes getting from A to B can take a lot of time, (not always welcome when "A" is the Airport, and "B" is the Boarding House, or Hotel!)

Manila is still the main point of entry for most visitors, so missing it altogether can be unavoidable. It's also a connecting hub for travel between different islands, or regions of the Philippines.

Thankfully, the area directly alongside Manila Airport - Newport City, has some fine hotels, as well as other amenities, and is ideal for an overnight stay, without any hassles.

Here's our list of Hotels close to Manila Airport, which have a regular airport shuttle. There are several budget hotels too. (The Go Hotels chain is also scheduled to open one before too long). #manilatraffic #hotels

The Remington Hotel

Close to the airport, this hotel also has a casino

Go to The Remington Hotel

The Belmont Hotel

The Belmont Hotel is just 7 minutes from the airport

Go to The Belmont Hotel

The Marriott Hotel

Adjacent to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Marriott Hotel commands breathtaking views of the Villamor Golf Club.

Go to The Marriott Hotel

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