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Holidays in the Philippines on a Budget

The Philippines is a perfect destination to visit if you're on a relatively tight budget. The cost of living is low, as wages generally are not high.

If you shop at the places that locals use, you'll find goods to be inexpensive. Take a look at the small "sari-sari" stores, (small convenience stores that are often a part of people's homes), and which are in abundance all over the country.

Typical Sari-Sari Store


There are also eateries (like sari-sari stores, but serving freshly cooked meals), that are aimed at locals, and are therefore low priced. Filipinos are renowned for the fact that they love their food, and all kinds of cuisine are available! Even fast-food chains like MacDonalds, or the Philippines equivalent, Jollibee, and other similar networks, offer meals at lower prices than you would find in the west.

A break on a bus journey from El Nido

Getting Around

Getting around is also cheap if you use buses to get from town to town. The modern ones are comfortable and air-conditioned. Bus stations are busy places, and services are frequent. Vendors will sell you cheap snacks to munch on during your journey.
Tricycles in Palawan

Even cheaper transport are the colourful jeepneys, and tricycles found throughout the country. Be sure to carry low denomination coins and notes to make payment.

Cebu Pacific Flight at Puerto Princesa Airport

Flights & Ferries

Travelling between islands won't break the bank either, particularly if you look out for domestic airline "Promos" (Filipinos love to get a good deal), or take local ferries.

Budget Accommodation


For low price accommodation, head away from the big hotel names or luxury resorts. Go for the smaller providers, or local home-stays. Locals will always point you in the right direction. Be aware that you won't normally get the standards you may be used to in the west. What you will be assured of is a warm welcome, reflecting the nature of Filipinos generally.

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