Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Yes, You Can Cruise in the Philippines

We're often asked if there are any cruises that sail in the Philippines.

Whilst there are several cruise lines that visit parts of the Philippines during a longer itinerary, there is just one small ship cruise that starts and ends in the country, operated by Discovery Fleet.

The itinerary has a number of guaranteed sailings, and the cruise is designed to suit both divers and non-divers, with each day planned to suit both.

Seadoors sundeck
You can view the itinerary and sailing dates on the Cruises page of our website here.

At Philippine Trails we add any hotel stays required either before and/or after the cruise, and assist you in every way, from the moment you arrive into the Philippines, to your departure, including accommodation and transfers.

The ship, Discovery Palawan, or its sister ship, Discovery Adventure, can also be chartered entirely for small group diving expeditions. We will be happy to assist and quote.

We can also offer Liveaboards that sail from Cebu aboard the ship, Seadoors. Information on that can be found here...