Thursday, 17 December 2015

Introducing Lanas Beach Resort, Carabou Island, Romblon, Philippines

Lanas Beach Resort, on Carabou Island, Romblon, is the latest addition to our "Away from it all" recommendations. The island is close to neighbouring Boracay, but without the commercialisation! You won't find any shopping malls, or fast food outlets here. Just a few small shops selling day to day essentials, with a daily market in nearby San Jose selling fresh local produce. Carabao Island has beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, pristine corals, rich marine life, and most importantly, peace and tranquility.
Lanas Beach Resort offers relaxation, good food, and the opportunity to explore idyllic beaches and caves. With beautiful beach & sea views, perfect for catching the stunning sunsets. From here you can enjoy island hopping tours, sunset sailing, beach BBQs and bonfires, and for the more adventurous, there’s scuba diving, snorkelling, motorbike island tours or trekking in the mountains.
If you want an island destination where you can relax and enjoy a simple life, this is one place you should consider.