Saturday, 19 September 2015

Philippines Hotel Creates a 2 Bedroom Villa by 3D Printing!

The Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City, Philippines, has just finished constructing a 3D-printed villa!

The hotel used a giant concrete printer to create the 1,500-square-foot construction, which has two bedrooms, a living room, plus a Jacuzzi room (with a 3D-printed jacuzzi).

The entire project from printing to installing wiring and plumbing, took less that 4 days.

Now that he has completed the project, the hotel owner, and "builder", Lewis Yakich, has said he plans to turn his attention to 3-D printing homes for low-income families in the Philippines. This use of 3-D printing can reduce construction costs by 60%. 

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Celebrating Filipino Food at The Manila Hotel...

The Philippines’ 7,100 islands abound with seafood, tropical fruits, vegetables and a rich variety of herbs and spices that make for exciting culinary masterpieces.

The Manila Hotel is celebrating the best of this culinary heritage with a one-of-a-kind Filipino Food Festival that runs until September 27 featuring timeless Filipino classic dishes prepared by the hotel’s Executive Chef Konrad Walter.

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Explore the Philippines with Google Maps...

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands with 100 million smiling people. Now, you can explore more of this beautiful country on Google Maps with Google Street View...

Google Street View Goes "Island Hopping", (with boxer Manny Pacquiao's Approval)!

Renowned Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao has welcomed the arrival of Google's Street View, suggesting that images of the Philippine capital and the country's main tourist spots could help attract more tourists to the country. With 7,107 islands to be explored, starting the project would have been a huge undertaking.
Recently the Philippines became the 69th country to be included in Street View, with Images captured over six months including panoramic street views of Manila, as well as 39 other cities, including Pacquiao's southern hometown, General Santos City, where he began his career to become one of the world's most popular boxers, plus 30 historic and heritage sites. 
Pacquiao believes the images will bring the "wonders of the Philippines'' to the world.
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fancy Trekking in the Philippines? We Offer a Great Selection!

Mt Bulusan Volcano, Philippines
There are so many great places to trek in the Philippines, and we offer holidays that include some of the best, which you can find on our Trekking Page.

Popular guided day treks take place in Donsol, El Nido, Bohol, and also Mt Pinatubo, north of Manila.

For a longer holiday that includes days spent trekking through stunning scenery, we would recommend a tour of the Rice Terraces, in the Cordillera Mountains, with accommodation each night at hotels in either Banaue or Sagada.

For the more adventurous, we now offer guided treks of a longer duration - from 2 to 7 days, and the best of these are in Bicol, South Luzon, where you can tackle not one, but two of the country's volcanos - Mt Bulusan, situated amidst rain forest, and Mt Mayon.

Treks include overnight camping, and as they are quite challenging, they best suited for fit adults only.

Full detailes of the treks in Bicol, including the Bulusan and Mayon Volcanoes, can be found on our website HERE >>

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Christmas in the Philippines Starts Today!

The Philippines celebrates Christmas like no other country in Asia!

It is the only Asian country with a predominantly Christian population, and is considered to have the longest Christmas season in the world.

The celebration, which covers all months ending in "ber", begins in September and lasts until the start of January, although most ceremonies are held in December!

In fact, you can expect to start hearing Christmas carols playing in shops and malls any time now!

Christmas is also a highly popular time for tourists to visit the country, along with the New Year holiday, and many accommodation providers are fully booked weeks before the event. If you're considering a holiday in the Philippines over Christmas, our advice would be, don't leave it too late...