Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Philippines Gets Voted as the Top 4th Destination on Lonely Planet's Best in Travel Reader's Choice Awards 2012

Each year, Lonely Planet publishes its Best in Travel picks for the top destinations of the coming year. The publication received hundreds of nominations for cities and countries and over 3000 votes for the finalists by its avid readers. After the tedious process, the results have been recently published on the website and will also be appearing on the latest edition of their magazine.

The result lists the Philippines as its top 4 country destination receiving 10 percent of the total vote. This is another publicity boon to the country after having the Puerto Princesa Underground River among the New7Wonders last week. 

All these positive publicity will undoubtedly generate massive awareness for the Philippines and contribute in spurring travellers to visit the country's attractions in the coming months.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Photos Reveal Coral Triangle's Fragile Beauty...

A newly published book is offering an intimate and colorful look at a fragile and increasingly imperiled ecosystem that is home to an astonishing number of the planet's sea creatures.
The coffee-table book, titled "The Coral Triangle," for the region of this name in the South Pacific, is 272 pages long, filled with more than 400 photographs that are interspersed with essays written by conservation experts from around the world.
The book, published by conservation organization WWF, the Asian Development Bank  and the Freund Factory, profiles the region's astounding marine biodiversity, its human residents, and the long list of threats facing both populations, from overfishing to climate change.
In both images and words, the tome offers a detailed portrait of a region of vital importance. The Coral Triangle, a 230,000-square-mile (6-million-square-kilometer) region of the southern Pacific Ocean, encompasses waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, and is home to an outsize proportion of the world's sea creatures.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Boracay - The 2nd Best Beach Destination in the World...

Boracay Island was hailed by Trip Advisor as the top beach in Asia, and the second top beach destination in the world, among shorelines from North and South America. This famous white-sand beach is located approximately a mile northwest of Panay (a small group of islands in the Western Visayan region of the Philippines), and about 200 miles south of Metro Manila, the international port of entry for most foreigners.

Twenty-five years ago, accommodations in Boracay were scanty. Scattered throughout the island, there were only a few places offering vacationers places to stay, without all the modern comforts of home, in an effort to have the island remain low-key. But today, Boracay is filled with hotels, from first-class lodgings, to middle-class spaces, to Spartan rooms.

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Professor Brian Cox enjoys the wonder of the Taal Volcano

Professor Brian Cox is currently enjoying the Philippines, filming for his future BBC series, "Wonders of Life".
Of course, we can show you the wonders of the Philippines for yourself!
Take a look at our website, and the tour itineraries we offer, or which can be tailored for you.

See Professor Cox's Blog HERE...

Saturday, 15 October 2011 embarks on 'Mission Tourism'...

Filipino American rapper is doubling his efforts to promote Philippine tourism.

Soon the Black Eyed Peas member would be joining forces with the Department of Tourism (DOT) in promoting not only the country’s various destinations, but also in encouraging humanitarian work among foreign travelers.

In a meeting yesterday with Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez,, or Allan Pineda Lindo Jr., agreed to push for the so-called “Mission Tourism” among Filipino-Americans and other tourists from the United States.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Philippines is Top Honeymoon Destination

At the CIBTM 2011, the Philippines was awarded “Honeymoon Destination of the Year 2011.”   Voting turnout showed the country beating Bali (Indonesia) and Thailand.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Philippines...

The Philippines... More than the usual!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Divers capture incredible pictures of fish shoals so dense they block out the sun

We're used to seeing them tightly packed in tins on our supermarket shelves, but even in nature it seems that sardines stick close together.

The Daily Mail has published amazing pictures which show shoals of the fish packed so densely off the coast of the Philippines that they block out the light of the tropical sun.

Read more, and see the amazing pictures HERE:

Monday, 29 August 2011

St Paul's Underground River, Sabang, Palawan. A short trailer...

Here's a short trailer for the Puerto Princesa Underground River with the discovery of the 20 million year old Sirenia fossil.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We're in Manila Once Again!

Here we are in Manila once again. The city is as frenetic and exciting as ever.

We have so many people to see and places to visit, and just three weeks to do it in.

At the same time we are dealing with the usual holiday enquiries and bookings.

The great thing about the Philippines is that you NEVER run out of places to see and enjoy!

Oh well, better get on...

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Eternal happy hour on the white sand beach which will never burn your feet

Carol McGiffin writes in the Daily Mail about her experiences in the Philippines, and particularly the paradise island of Boracay...

The only thing I knew about the Philippines was that the wife of a former president famously owned a lot of shoes. I probably couldn’t even have pointed to the islands on a map.
But now, thanks to my brother, who got a job there two years ago, I know more, I’ve been there and I can’t believe I left it so long.

There are no direct flights from the UK to the capital, Manila, but getting there is worth the trouble of a stopover - and it gives you the opportunity to experience another dynamic Asian city, be it Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul or Shanghai.

Raise a glass: Carol takes it easy with friends in one of the many bars
Being used to Asian cities I thought I was prepared for Manila, but when I arrived I quickly realised it is like no other. It’s busier than Bangkok, crazier than Kuala Lumpur, as swish (in parts) as Singapore and easily as happening as Hong Kong.
The city’s sprawling size is mind- blowing. One big bonus is that the airport is very close - in theory it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to get to the centre of Manila, although it often does because traffic can be a nightmare.

Read the full article HERE...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Biological gems found in Philippines

Researchers say they identified 300 species that they think are new to science this spring during a biological prospecting expedition to the Philippines, organized by the California Academy of Sciences.

“The Philippines is one of the hottest of the hotspots for diverse and threatened life on Earth,” Terrence Gosliner, dean of science and research collections at the California Academy of Sciences and leader of the 2011 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition, said today in a news release about the findings. “Despite this designation, however, the biodiversity here is still relatively unknown, and we found new species during nearly every dive and hike as we surveyed the country’s reefs, rainforests, and the ocean floor."

Monday, 20 June 2011

TV Dragon, James Caan writes in praise of Boracay, and the Philippines...

"I’m definitely ‘in’ as far as the Philippines are concerned", says TV dragon, James Caan

He goes on to say, "We knew that the Philippines as a tourist experience probably wouldn’t be as polished as, say, the Maldives, but they were every bit as attractive - and never felt ‘touristy’.

Our first glimpse of the Shangri-La at Boracay confirmed that it was a stunning property, beautifully done.

The resort’s website had painted an alluring picture of somewhere that was both tranquil and very remote. In real life it was absolutely amazing. I’ve previously stayed at a number of other Shangri-La hotels in India and China. The Boracay property was even better than the others as it is one of their newer properties: everything beautiful and spotlessly clean.

The hotel beaches are fabulous and the service second to none. Most impressive, perhaps, was CHI, the Shangri-La spa that claims to be ‘a place of personal peace, enchantment and wellbeing’. Situated on a rocky peninsula overlooking a private bay, the detached spa village complex is designed to be a sanctuary within the resort. Treatments here are based on Chinese and native Philippines healing concepts, including Hilot, the traditional Filipino healing massage."

Read the full article HERE...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Welcome to Paradise...

We Live In Beijing blog writes a nice article about Boracay, the Philippines most popular destination...

Paradise is not easily accessible, but some of the best experiences in life take a little effort. You’re looking at a jet to an island, a prop plane to another island and finally a small boat to the third. You’ve made it to Boracay.

Boracay is a 7km tropical island in the central part of The Philippines. It features powder soft white sand beaches, light green water and warm ocean breezes. Most of the action on Boracay is centered on White Beach, a 4km aptly named stretch of sand bordered by a picturesque and gentle green sea. White Beach is divided into three parts, with each assigned a boat station.

The article continues HERE...

Friday, 22 April 2011

1,000 Rowers in Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival...

At least 1,000 foreign and local rowers are expected to participate in the annual American Tourister Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival, which starts on April 28.

The tournament, to be officiated by the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, will be held at the beach front of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center.

The races, which will showcase the paddlers’ teamwork, camaraderie, strength and power, will have two main divisions -- the 500- and 300-meter races.

These divisions will be split to several subcategories: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Open.

The tournament, touted as the biggest annual international water-sports event in the Philippines, will be presented by the Department of Tourism (DOT). It is organized by the Boracay Island Paddlers Association (BIPA) in cooperation with the Municipality of Malay.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Latest Atlantis Newsletter

Atlantis Dive Resorts new Fluro-Night Dives Experience has proved to be a winner with their guests. Everyone who witnessed the magic of underwater fluorescence gave great feedback.

Jeff from California loved it so much he went out twice during his recent visit. Rusty said it blew him away and far exceeded his expectations of the dive. Vadym andOleksander from the Ukraine said it reminded them of the recent Hollywood blockbuster Avatar!... » Full Story? Click Here «

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Five Reasons to Visit Ilocos Norte...

Bound to the west by the South China Sea and to the east by the imposing Gran Cordillera Central mountain range, the Philippine provinces of Ilocos Norte and neighboring Ilocos Sur combine the cultural allure of old Manila and the natural beauty of holiday hot spot Boracay.

Daily, hour-long flights connect Manila to Ilocos Norte's capital Laoag, but the area still manages to feel far from the tourist trail.

Time Magazine names five of the top attractions...

1 Earthly Wonders

2 Church Architecture

3 Bucolic Beaches

4 Characterful Cuisine

5 Historic Vigan

Friday, 25 February 2011

New Motorcycle Tour of Cebu & Negros Occidental

We've just added a great new motorcycling tour to our pages.
Departing from Cebu City and finishing in Dumaguete City, this tour is for 8 Nights (Including the pre-departure night).
The tour is guided with a support vehicle, and runs most weeks throughout the year.
More detailed information can be seen on our website at Philippine Trails.
View the Tour HERE...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Environmentalists Confirm Existence of New Whale Species in the Philippines

Environmentalists have confirmed the existence of the gingko-toothed beaked whale (Mesoplodon ginkgodens) in Philippine waters.

A report of the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines (MWWP) and said the discovery brings the number of cetaceans (creatures such as whales and dolphins) occurring in the Philippines to 27.

The Mesoplodon ginkgodens was first found alive in the shallow shores of Sitio Matang-ib, Cawag, Subic, Zambales on April 20 last year.

The gingko-toothed beaked whale, which unfortunately died the next day was misidentified as a Blainville’s beaked whale by Ocean Adventure, a captive dolphin entertainment facility.

According to Ocean Adventure consultant Dr. Lem Aragones, the whale was identified as Blainville's beaked whale because that is the more familiar species.

Read the article online HERE...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Latest Newsletter from our Friends at Atlantis Resorts...

Atlantis Resorts, the diving and liveaboard specialists from Puerto Galera and Dumaguete have jus sent us their latest Newsletter.

Take a look at it HERE...

Remember, we can arrange your holiday in the Philippines to include diving and accommodation (plus fine cuisine), at either Atlantis resort.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sagada Burial Caves, Philippines, make it into Lonely Planet's Top Underground Experiences

Sagada Burial Caves, Philippines

Sumaging Cave is an exhilarating adventure guaranteed to bring out the Indiana Jones in you. The route takes you crawling through narrow crevices, wading through water and scaling the sides of deep ravines, and in some sections the smooth limestone is so slippery you have to go barefoot. Guides light the way (and the stunning calcium formations) with gas lanterns. The connected Lumiang Burial Cave is fascinating for its eerie collection of centuries-old wooden coffins. Other, slowly decomposing, coffins can be seen hanging from the cliff-face.
See all of the Lonely Planet picks HERE...

Although famous for its hanging coffins, Sagada has more to offer. The coffins in the burial caves are also interesting, and many people also come to Sagada to see the limestone caves. The walks and treks around town are fabulous, especially the trek to Mt Kiltepan, where you'll get stupendous views of the valley. READ MORE...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Philippines - a Top Destination...

"The time has come to give the throne to the Philippines. With more than 7,000 islands, stunning marine life, beaches of all sorts, awesome wreck diving opportunities and exceptionally wallet-friendly prices, the archipelago may for a long while remain the world's premier beach holiday destination."

So says no less.

Philippines Football Comes to the Attention of the BBC!

For the first time in its international coverage, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sent a radio and TV correspondent to cover a Philippine football game – the Philippine Azkals-Mongolia AFC Challenge Cup qualifying match, which the Filipinos won, 2-0, Wednesday night before an electric banner crowd.
Kate McGeon, the BBC’s Manila correspondent, said the coverage wasn’t really for the match itself since it was just a qualifier but it was for the hype and the passion the Filipinos now have for football, which she said can be credited to the impressive victories of the Philippine Azkals.
“I’m here because it’s really interesting that football is taking off in this country. If you think of the Philippines, you think about basketball not football,” McGeon said in an interview shortly after the match at the Panaad Stadium here.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

National Geographic's top 20 Best Trips of 2011 Includes the Fabulous Philippines Island of Palawan!

Palawan’s limestone karst cliffs, coral atolls, mangrove forests, sugar-white sandy beaches, and extensive fringing reefs create one of the Philippines' most biodiverse terrestrial and marine environments. Designated as a fish and wildlife sanctuary in 1967, the Philippines' largest (in total land area) province encompasses nearly 1,240 miles (1,995 kilometers) of coastline stretching across 1,768 islands.
On the main island (also named Palawan) near Sabang, hike the three-mile (five-kilometer) Monkey Trail to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park's navigable underground river. The five-mile (eight-kilometer) coastal rain forest route is home to long-tailed macaques, blue-naped parrots, and other indigenous wildlife. In the province’s northern Calamianes islands, Coron Island is considered one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations, offering World War II-vintage wreck diving and snorkeling in calm, crystalline waters. Nearby Culion Island, a former leper colony surrounded by sea grass beds and coral reefs, is an emerging ecotourism destination worth a day trip.