Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Philippines Gets Voted as the Top 4th Destination on Lonely Planet's Best in Travel Reader's Choice Awards 2012

Each year, Lonely Planet publishes its Best in Travel picks for the top destinations of the coming year. The publication received hundreds of nominations for cities and countries and over 3000 votes for the finalists by its avid readers. After the tedious process, the results have been recently published on the website and will also be appearing on the latest edition of their magazine.

The result lists the Philippines as its top 4 country destination receiving 10 percent of the total vote. This is another publicity boon to the country after having the Puerto Princesa Underground River among the New7Wonders last week. 

All these positive publicity will undoubtedly generate massive awareness for the Philippines and contribute in spurring travellers to visit the country's attractions in the coming months.