Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Toughest Place to be a Bus Driver...

In the UK, yesterday, the BBC once again showed the programme, "Toughest Place to be a Bus Driver", featuring London bus driver, Josh West, experiencing the traffic of Manila.

To recap... Josh West is a bus driver of the 148 London route. His bus is a high tech, shiny, red, double decker which he drives through the centre of London every day, passing historic and famous buildings.

Leaving his bus behind, Josh travelled to Manila in the Philippines to take up his new job as a Jeepney driver on some of the most congested streets in the world.

His host was Jeepney owner and driver Rogelio Castro. Rogelio lent Josh his converted Jeep to drive and offered him a bed in his family home. And the two men became good friends.

They discovered they share the same values and believe in working hard, caring for their families and behaving responsibly. And they both earn a living driving members of the public around their country's capital city.

But though they have similar jobs, the rewards are very different. Josh departed the Philippines determined to help the poorer children stuck in a cycle of poverty, and deprivation. Anyone who saw the programme, and who was touched by Josh's experience, can now donate to a project he has thrown his weight behind...