Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Five Reasons Why People Should Continue to Enjoy Holidays in the Philippines...

No one can fail to have been moved by images from the recent natural disasters that have affected the Philippines. However, it is fortunate that these events have been mainly limited to specific regions of the country, and for much of the Philippines, it's "business as usual". 

Here are FIVE reasons why people should continue to enjoy holidays in the Philippines...

1) The recent awful "super-typhoon" has shown television viewers around the globe scenes of total devastation, and few will fail to have been moved by such images. 

However, most of the country, especially the main tourist areas, have not been affected so dramatically, as the typhoon cut a narrow path as it traversed the country.

Initially there was a problem in which many flights and ferries were delayed or cancelled. These services have quickly resumed, and popular tourist destinations such as Boracay, Puerto Galera, Palawan, Banaue, Vigan, Bohol, Samal Island etc., continue to operate normally.

2) Philippines Hotels and resorts are largely sturdy buildings made from modern materials, and which are architecturally sound. 

Structures damaged by typhoons and strong winds have generally been less sturdily built dwellings of which many villages comprise. In fact it is the flimsy construction of such buildings that has played a major part in the subsequent high typhoon toll.

3) Tourism is a hugely important industry for many Philippines communities.

The popular areas that have invested in tourism, and which are developing to attract and accommodate visitors, rely on tourism to bring employment to local people, whether it's direct employment by the hotels and resorts, or service industries supplying fresh food and produce, or operating local tours, excursions, sailing expeditions, etc.

4) The earthquake that affected Bohol in October was over almost as quickly as it had begun, other than natural aftershocks. It's a fact of life that earthquakes happen in the Philippines, as it stands on the "Pacific Ring of Fire", but thankfully these are rare events.

Bohol is an island that largely depends on tourism, and although many historic structures were badly damaged, the airport was quickly reopened, island tours were resumed, and beach resorts got back to doing what they do best - giving its visitors fantastic holidays.

5) The warmth, friendliness and hospitality of Filipinos is world-renowned.

In fact it is my view that everyone should visit the Philippinnes to experience this hospitality first-hand!

Nigel Sutherland
Managing Director