Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Testimonial Received Today...

A lot of hard work goes into planning each and every holiday for our clients, so when we receive feedback like that in the following email, which arrived today, it is very encouraging.

Hi Lucy and Nigel

We are now settled into New Zealand life enjoying our time with our daughter, husband and grand children and return to the UK at the end of March by which time hopefully winter will have blown thru !!

Re our trip..

We owe you both a big thank you for the organisation and selection of locations for us of what was an excellent holiday. We enjoyed every part of it and were lucky enough to achieve our No1 aim to snorkel with a big whale shark at Donsol as well as seeing so many different fish whilst snorkelling around Bohol and Miniloc and Sue diving at Miniloc. Birding trips also worked very well - especially the one to Villa Escudero, Olango Island and dawn at Rasa Island to see the Philippine Cockatoo's waking up

All connections etc worked well and a big thanks must go to all the various contacts we had in the Philippines - all of whom were totally focussed on making our stay enjoyable - nothing seemed too much for them.

In Summary

A Great holiday, in a beautiful country, with lovely people, superb scenery and great activities

If you want any further detail as feedback please let me know -

I may be wrong but I believe that you knew how we were getting on during our holiday as Lucy seemed to be in contact with all our reps during your evenings / night time which did make us feel that we had a "guiding angel" watching over us !!

You have a very satisfied customer 

Paul and Sue

Thanks to Paul and Sue for taking the time to give us that kind feedback.