Monday, 24 October 2011

Boracay - The 2nd Best Beach Destination in the World...

Boracay Island was hailed by Trip Advisor as the top beach in Asia, and the second top beach destination in the world, among shorelines from North and South America. This famous white-sand beach is located approximately a mile northwest of Panay (a small group of islands in the Western Visayan region of the Philippines), and about 200 miles south of Metro Manila, the international port of entry for most foreigners.

Twenty-five years ago, accommodations in Boracay were scanty. Scattered throughout the island, there were only a few places offering vacationers places to stay, without all the modern comforts of home, in an effort to have the island remain low-key. But today, Boracay is filled with hotels, from first-class lodgings, to middle-class spaces, to Spartan rooms.

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