Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Help With Devising Tours of the Philippines

We've now added panels of information to many of the Philippines destinations we offer. See the example, right.

We hope that this device will help those considering a tour of the Philippines to get an idea of what destinations go well together, and they can then create a "trail" that we can then organise. We'll arrange the trip so that getting from destination to destination within the Philippines is achieved with minimum fuss. We use our knowledge of flight and sailing timetables to achieve this.

We also try to give an idea on what we consider to the the minimum number of nights one should allow for at each destination.

The Philippines is a vast country of 7,107 scattered islands, and it is easy to try and do too much in one go! You won't see it all at once, so work to an itinerary that's not too demanding, and then there'll be plenty of reasons to come back again!