Saturday, 6 November 2010

Calauit Island - A Little Part of Africa in the Philippines...

Calauit Island lies in the Northwestern coast of Palawan, and was declared a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in 1977 as the Philippines responded to an appeal by the International Union of Conservation of Nature to save endangered animals in Africa.

The Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural area where the entire environment and all the plants and animals are allowed to live in a natural state with the absolute minimum of human interference or disturbance.

It evolved to become the country’s major conservation showcase and unique nature park. African animals such as, giraffes and elands, zebras and gazelles co-exist with endemic Philippine animals, like the Palawan bearcat, mousedeer and peacock pheasant. The Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary is now considered one of the Philippines' most amazing sites.

This island is also a haven for more than seventy species of birds, of which ten of them are rare, that rest and flock two hours before sunset, after their wholeday flight.