Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Motag Living Museum - Keeping Traditional Filipino Crafts & Skills Alive

Pounding pinipig rice at the Motag Living Museum
Motag Living Museum is an enterprise on Panay Island, within easy reach of Boracay. The museum is helping to keep traditional skills alive, and at the same time benefiting the local community, giving them an increased sense of identity, and pride.

Visitors can see, and participate in the traditional methods of planting, and harvesting rice, as well as threshing and drying the produce. The museum grows several types of rice, including some rare varieties.

At the Motag Living Museum you will get to see a number of carabao - the Philippines national animal. This is a domestic water buffalo, and although gentle and docile, it is very powerful. Hence their wide use in cultivating rice fields, pulling timber, or pulling carts. At the end of a hard day, these creatures like nothing more than to wallow in water, or thick mud.

Children will enjoy participating in traditional games, exploring the tree house, playing on swings and finding out how to make toys themselves, using nothing more than simple objects such as coconut leaves!

The Motag Living Museum combines fun with education and an interactive experience that the whole family can enjoy, whilst at the same time helping the local community.

A Great Day Out from Boracay 

Guests of Philippine Trails can enjoy a day out from Boracay, sailing first by authentic Paraw Sail Boat, arriving at the shoreline to be met by caribao and cart, for the ride to the Motag Living Museum. A traditional lunch follows, with maybe a cool swim at nearby Banlock Nabaoy, before the Paraw Sail Boat is again caught for the return to Boracay.

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