Monday, 23 March 2015

Philippines Holidays for the Single Traveller...

A small group exploring the Underground River, Palawan
At Philippine Trails, we arrange a lot of holiday itineraries for solo travellers.

With a widely English-speaking populace, the Philippines is a friendly country, and visitors will find the local inhabitants warm and very welcoming. 

As with all guests, we meet and greet on arrival at the airport, and transport to the hotel. Itineraries are often bespoke, or adjusted to fit in with arrival and departure dates and times.

Around the islands there are always people waiting to meet clients at various destinations. We have a great back-up team of staff and associates, both in Manila, and throughout the Philippines, to ensure holidays go smoothly.

Keeping Costs Down...

Of course, flights and ferry tickets are priced individually, so there is no disadvantage for the single traveller in that regard. For other land transfers, to the Rice Terraces north of Manila, or travelling between Puerto Princesa to El Nido on Palawan, for example, we can incorporate shared air-conditioned buses or mini-vans.

We'll include accommodation that is good value for single travellers as much as possible, if they're on a tight budget.

For local excursions, we select small groups, whether it be trekking, diving, or boating around the islands for example. Some trips, such as on the St Paul's Underground River, in Palawan, are only run with a small group in each boat.

We are happy to recommend a Philippines tour that is suitable to solo travellers, who may be on a budget, but who still wish to enjoy a full experience. Get in touch and tell us what kind of trip you're looking for!

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